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The Property & Facilities Division has implemented an integrated management system approach which incorporates the development and maintenance of business improvement, environmental and safety management systems.

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The Division uses the business improvement approach to plan, coordinate and monitor its services. The systems provides tools to:

  • efficiently manage and improve our business processes to achieve organisational objectives
  • provide information and tools for P&F staff to use during the course of their duties
  • satisfy our customers' requirements and ensure service consistency

Contacts: Business Improvement & Communications Administrator on 336 51150 or the Business Improvement Officer on 336 54895.

More information:

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The safety management system provides information for P&F staff to use during the course of their duties at the University to ensure their safety and the safety of others, including students and contractors, including risk assessments, managements plans, safety forms and procedures.

More information:

To find out more about the P&F Safety Management System, please contact the P&F Health & Safety Coordinator on 334 69268.

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The University of Queensland has adopted a proactive approach to sustainability and environmental management for its research, educational and facilities operations. The EMS provides procedures for the majority of UQ campuses and sites. In some cases, site work instructions detail additional information specific to the site.

More information:

To find out more about the UQ Sustainability and the UQ Environmental Management System, please contact the Environmental Engineer on 336 51587.


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