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The Campus Services Section is responsible for general campus service requirements on all UQ campuses. The scope of work includes:

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Cleaning on St Lucia andGatton campuses covers similar types of work and are responsible for general cleaning of areas throughout the University. The services include: cleaning floors, dusting, removing graffiti, spot cleaning glass, garbage collection, recycling, waste services, window cleaning, and pest control.

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Fleet Services provides garage and fleet services on St Lucia and Gatton campuses. The section is responsible for the administration of University-owned vehicles, the coordination of the pool fleet and the Intercampus Bus Service Timetable.

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Furniture Section provides the university with the procurement of all loose items of furniture (ie. chairs, desks, tables, mobiles, filing cabinets) as well as repairing/replacing/disposing and office arrangements of furniture.

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Mail Services Unit provides mail distribution, collection and processing for incoming, outgoing and interdepartmental mail on the St Lucia and Gatton campuses. P&F are also responsible for a Licensed Post Office and Cashier duties on the Gatton campus.

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The Printery on Gatton campus produces a variety of printed materials including offset printing, photocopying, laminating and binding services for all UQ campuses.

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The Store at St Lucia and Gatton campus provide to the University a wide range of consumables, materials and equipment. The Store Catalogues detail a list of goods that may be ordered from the Store on both campuses, such as stationery items, toners, inks, disks, medical, cleaning, hardware, electrical, and hospitality items.

The P&F St Lucia Store also provides in internal supply service for the P&F St Lucia Maintenance Section. The Store has a computerised inventory control system which allocates and records store issues, receipts and costs of materials against each work order.


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