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The Section is responsible for campus infrastructure planning and augmentation, and technical input and control across the range of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, structural and civil engineering systems. The scope of work includes:

  • Civil - the investigation, design, documentation and construction of site infrastructure consisting of water supply, irrigation, sewerage, chemical waste, storm water, roads and carparks and structural building programs
  • Electrical - the monitoring, design, installation and provision of technical input for electrical site works and services, substations, high voltage switching and cabling (Energex), external campus lighting, emergency power reticulation and data network.
  • Mechanical - the design, management and technical support for mechanical site works and services, air-conditioning, ventilation systems, fume cupboards and occupational health and safety issues related to building services.
  • Technical drawings and records - the management and technical support for as-built, hard copy drawings of University sites and consolidated CAD drawings (i.e. building and building services plans, site and site services plans) and the management of the physical asset register databases (e.g. space planning and management, fire, hydraulic and external lighting system databases). The section also manages the operation and maintenance manuals, building and room numbering systems, publication plans (e.g. car parking, bicycle, wheelchair access and directory board), door and external signage and University fire and emergency evacuation plans.
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