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ARCHIBUS is an enterprise facilities management system that provides a range of integrated modules for the management of space, real estate, fleet, asset management, people & occupancy and others.

How do I create a request?

Log your issue or service request in ARCHIBUS via your Nominated user ARCHIBUS login
Alternatively, if you do not know who your nominated user is, contact PF Assist -
Phone: 336 52222
Email:   pfassist@pf.uq.edu.au
Fax: 336 51900
Location:    PF Assist Reception, Prentice Building (42)

How do I request access to Archibus?

  • Download and complete the PF397 ARCHIBUS Access Request Form
  • Where required, obtain signed approval from Head of School or equivalent
  • Scan the completed form and email to archibus@uq.edu.au.
  • On receipt of the completed access form your application will be processed within 3 working days.
  • An e-mail will be sent when the application has been processed. To determine the status of your application or for any technical issues please contact ARCHIBUS Technical Support on extension 336 52996.

Archibus modules:

UQ recognised that the management of space is a key requirement for the University in achieving its objectives. The previous UQ Space Inventory (PROFIT SpaceAdmin) was developed in-house by Property & Facilities Division and was accessible to the UQ Executive Officers and other Faculty/School Managers for annual Space Audits via a web user interface. A strategic decision was made to move to a commercial system by purchasing ARCHIBUS, which has been integrated with our extensive library of CAD drawings.

Benefits to UQ:

  • Improves UQ's capability in space management and reporting
  • Improves utilization of assets
  • Used as a tool for solving complex space allocations
  • Graphical representations for improved communication & decision-making
  • Improved data integrity with in-built audit functionality
  • Improved information for decision makers

Who has access?

There a two types of roles for ARCHIBUS space inventory access: space editors and space viewers.

  1. Space Editors: are staff who have been identified by their faculty/institute /division as a University space editor. Space editors are required to take part in the annual space audit and update the space system with any changes to their areas space.

  2. Space Viewers: are staff required to view University floor plans and space data.

        Fleet Module

While most of the use of the system will be by Property and Facilities, there may be reports regarding operating costs and utilisation of Faculty, Institute and Division vehicles that may be useful to users.

Benefits to UQ:

  • Inventory of vehicles
  • Alerts to ensure critical events such as services are notified
  • Track fuel usage for compliance reporting
  • Track vehicle life cycle costs to inform capital investment decisions
  • Ability to streamline charging
  • Run utilisation reports to analyse fleet usage

Who has access?

Fleet Editors: are staff who have been nominated by their faculty/institute /division as a University fleet editor requiring the ability to update and view fleet information.

This module manages not only maintenance work requests but also any requests for other Property and Facilities services including cleaning, pest control, waste and furniture.

Benefits to UQ:

  • A more transparent work request process
  • Better tracking of work request status
  • Consolidation for work request information by requestor, building, organisational unit
  • Reduce same issue work requests
  • Ability to identify reoccurring defects in same location
  • Better management reporting across UQ building portfolio
  • More information on the process and benefits of the ServiceFM module.

Who has access?

There is one type of role for ServiceFM:  nominated user.

Nominated User: are staff who have been nominated by their faculty/institute /division as a University ServiceFM nominated user. These users are the central point within your areas to create service requests. ServiceFM nominated users perform the following roles:

  • log all service requests for organisational unit
  • approve user funded service requests
  • act as Organisational Unit communication point for service requests


If you would like to apply to become a nominated user please compete Request Access process.

The real estate module is used by Property & Facilities Division to manage the University's property portfolio. This includes real property descriptions, details of all leased property either as the lessor or a leasee, commercial and contractual agreements. This allowing the University to monitor the performance of its portfolio.

Benefits to UQ:

  • Improves UQ's capability in lease management and reporting
  • Graphical representations for improved communication & decision-making

        People & Occupancy Module

The People and Occupancy (P&O) module, which essentially means assigning people to work space.  The system will provide UQ with a tool to better understand space occupancy utilisation rates, with the functionality to assign people to a workstation, set room capacity levels, accurately measure utilisation of space, quickly identify vacancies for future needs and provide reporting to inform space allocation decisions by the senior management and other space controllers.

Benefits to UQ:

  • provides a central repository of occupancy data that can be accessed by key stakeholders in Archibus for high-level planning.
  • ties Human Resources data and PhD student allocations to location data.
  • helps Faculty and Division managers to maximize space efficiency and plan for future growth/reduction and/or colocations.
  • helps Faculty and Division managers to manage the allocations of workspaces to staff and students for given time periods.
  • provides industry-accepted methods for employee space usage, including the Average Area per Occupant report.
  • tracks an employee's primary and satellite locations.
  • tracks School/Department room changes and vacancy rates over time.

        Emergency Contacts

The emergency contacts module is a register of staff who will be contacted by Property and Facilities Division Security section in the event of an after-hours emergency. Each Organisation unit has a nominated person to manage the Emergency contacts for the space occupied by that unit.

Who has access?

Nominated Users: staff who have been nominated by their faculty/institute /division as a University emergency contact nominated user. These users are the central point to update the emergency contact data.

        Emergency Warden Database

This module provides the Chief and Deputy building wardens with the ability to enter the floor wardens that are currently active within their building. The module also provides information on compliance audits, surveys, emergency plans and diagrams.

Who has access?

There are two types of access:

  • Chief and Deputy Warden: staff who are Chief or Deputy wardens
  • Safety warden: staff who require and overview of emergency building information for the buildings occupied by their organisational unit, normally HSW staff or school managers.

        Hazardous Rooms

Hazardous rooms provides staff with information on what hazards are present in a facility, if there are conditions of entry and if there are any entry restrictions or room certifications. Rooms identified with restricted entry or no entry are removed from trade staff access control on a period basis. These entry restrictions are also identified on the service request.

Who has access?

Access available upon request. Normally lab managers or staff with infrastructure responsibilities.

        Asbestos Register

The asbestos register is a document that lists all identified or assumed asbestos in the workplace. The register is open to UQ staff and can be accessible from the Property and Facilities website (no Archibus login required). The data is managed by the Property and Facilities Health and Safety Coordinator.

Who has access?

The asbestos register is open to UQ staff and can be accessible from the Archibus website (no Archibus login required).

        As-Built Technical Drawings

UQ As-Built is a register of building technical drawings and documents. Property and Facilities Division has approximately 65,000 archived pdfs with drawings dating back over 100 years. This system allows FM staff to quickly search for data on information such as mechanical ventilation layout diagrams etc.

Who has access?

Available upon request.

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