How to use "Call SAM" (Small Assets Management)

SAMProperty and Facilities is pleased to provide a new free service, named “Call SAM", for minor new work requests across all UQ campuses.

A carpenter has been appointed for all those small jobs around the campuses such as installing white boards, pin boards, pictures, hooks and brackets, door stops/closers and small alterations to cupboards and fixed furniture. 

If the job can be completed in under three hours, the labour will be free. Your unit will need only to pay for significant materials (i.e. a whiteboard). 

This is how to “Call SAM”:

  • Contact your Archibus Nominated User.
  • The user then logs onto Archibus and selects the “SAM” button (the echinda graphic) on the Create Service Request page.
  • Your account details are then added (this is a required field, however there will be no charge to your account without your prior approval).
  • SAM will come to your workplace and confirm your request is a “small job”.
  • If you have the material required then SAM should be able to do the job promptly.
  • Alternatively, SAM can arrange for the purchase of materials and you can decide on size and colour when the materials arrive. SAM will return to complete the job.
  • Jobs that do not fit the “small” category will be directed to the P&F contract panel for quoting, and your approval before proceeding.

 “Call SAM” is available now.   For further information or enquiries, please contact PF Assist on 52222.