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chartUQ’s Strategic Plan drives the University's cycle of planning and is articulated through strategic objectives within the University Operational Plan (UOP). A key action in the UOP, which relates to the University’s built environment, is the development of the St Lucia Campus Master Plan. The Master Plan is a long-term vision for guiding the development of the campus.

The Capital Planning Framework supports strategic
consideration and assessment of capital proposals and informs capital planning and budgeting, which is aligned with the priorities of the Master Plan.

Requests for funding for all minor capital works over $200,000 and all major capital works should be made initially through an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the capitalworks@uq.edu.au by the deadlines as outlined below.

EOI will be assessed by the Capital Management Group (CMG) and successful EOI may be developed into a Capital Request Submission (CRS) for consideration and possible inclusion in the capital works schedule. Templates and Deadlines for EOI and CRS can be found below.

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Expression of Interest (EOI) Deadline:

  • 31 July 2017
    (Note: EOI may be submitted at any time up until the deadline - early submissions are encouraged)

Capital Request Submissions (CRS) :

  • EOI's selected by the Capital Management Group (CMG) will be developed into a CRS (submitters will be advised of successful EOIs and relevant submission dates).

Submit any enquiries here.

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Timeframes Activity Process
Any time before
31 July 2017 deadline

Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • Expression of Interest (EOI) for (non-maintenance) Minor and Major Capital Works over $200,000 submitted for consideration by the Capital Management Group (CMG).
  • EOI classified by CMG as suitable for progression, should be developed into a Capital Request Submission.
Submitters to be advised of deadline

Capital Request Submission (CRS)

  • Capital Request Submissions for Minor Capital Works ($200,000 to $2 Million) submitted for consideration by The Chief Operating Officer (COO).
  • Capital Request Submissions for Major Capital Works (over $2 Million) submitted for consideration by The University of Queensland Senior Management Group (USMG).


  • COO assesses Minor Capital Works submissions and recommends to VCC/CMG works for inclusion in the following year’s capital works schedule.
  • USMG assesses Major Capital Works submissions at an annual capital planning session and recommends to VCC/CMG works for inclusion in the following year’s capital works schedule.
  • Larger projects may span a number of years.


  • VCC/CMG considers recommended Minor Capital Works and Major Capital Works submissions.
  • VCC/CMG approved submissions are added to the capital works schedule for the following year or progressed (depending on the cost and nature of the work) through Finance Committee, Building and Grounds Committee or Senate for final approval.
All Year

Unforeseen submissions

  • Unforeseen or urgent submissions as well as approvals for scope changes may be considered outside the annual cycle.
All Year

Maintenance or Minor Works under $200,000

  • Maintenance to be managed and funded by UQ Property & Facilities Division (P&F).
  • Minor Works under $200,000 to be managed by UQ Property & Facilities Division.


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