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Cycling at UQ

Open Air Bicycle Racks

Open-air bicycle stands are located at many places around the St Lucia campus. Please refer to the cycling map [PDF] for locations or try the UQ Map Bicycle Racklocations:

It is important to remember that bicycles may never be chained to pathway railings, because this creates a hazard for sight-impaired people, and for people with mobility difficulties who might need the support provided by a railing. Also, many ramps and pathways close to buildings are designated emergency exits, and as such must be kept clear at all times.

Bicycles may not be left in the corridors of buildings, and may not be kept in offices or laboratories. Bicycles left in the above noted places may be removed by Security Section, and placed in storage until claimed by the owner, who may be required to provide proof of ownership. Second offences may result in the issue of an infringement notice for failing to observe an instruction given by an authorised officer of the University.


Bicycle Repair Stations

Repair stations are located on the St Lucia campus, Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE) in Woolloongabba, just across the Eleanor Schonell (Green) Bridge from the St Lucia campus. Stations have also been installed on the Gatton and Herston Campus and at Long Pocket.

Bicycle repair station locations:

Each station features the tools necessary for performing basic repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. Available tools include:

  • Screwdrivers – both flathead and Phillips
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Tyre lever
  • Air pump

Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments.

For more complex repairs, head over to the Uni Bike Shop located under the Pizza Cafe on Union Road.

Bicycle Repair Station

Bicycle Repair Station


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