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Cycling at UQ

The import of this policy is to address the increasing risk of injury to road users created by cyclists using St Lucia campus roads for training purposes. For the purpose of this policy, cycling training is defined as riding on University campus roads for the purpose of training, as a group or individuals. This policy is not aimed at students or staff of the University who use a bicycle as a means of transport. Further, the definition of a 'large' group of bicycles may be defined as a group of ten bicycles or more. Groups of ten or more are required to apply for a permit to train on campus roads.

The University's Bicycles Working Party has endorsed the following procedures:

  1. Before any cycle training is carried out, a written submission must be completed and forwarded for approval to the Property & Facilities Division at pf@pf.uq.edu.au, with a copy to Transport Systems at parking@pf.uq.edu.au.
  2. The submission must include the potential number of participants and include provision for Traffic Marshals at strategic positions around the proposed route to assist in traffic diversion. The submission should also include a safety plan.
  3. All cycle training must be carried out in accordance with Queensland Transport Department traffic legislation and regulations. This includes provisions on pack cyclist riding and clear compliance with ALL traffic and warning signs including designated speed limits.
  4. For special cycling events where there is a demonstrated necessity to exceed the campus speed limit, application can be made via the Property & Facilities Division, for road closures during the time of the event. A detailed submission must include a planned route to be used, a risk analysis, and any other relevant information concerning the event. Such submissions will then be assessed under the University's 'Events Guidelines'.
  5. Training approval will normally be considered if the training is conducted between daybreak and 7:00am unless a special case for exemption is submitted and endorsed by the Bicycles Working Party.
  6. Approval for a cycle training permit is at the absolute discretion of the University, via the Property & Facilities Division. The University reserves the right to revoke permits at any time.
  7. Failure to comply with the above procedures may result in intervention by the University to prevent training activity and revoking of previously approved training permits.


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