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How do I log a fire system fault or request?

  • Phone:                                  336 52222
  • Fax:                                       336 51900
  • Online service request:         ARCHIBUS Service FM

How do I contact the Fire Safety Officer?

Senior Fire Safety Officer:  David Peebles
  • Ph:        334 69723
  • Fax:       336 51900
  • Email:    fireuq@pf.uq.edu.au
  • Mobile:  0423 782 292

  What types of fire services are provided?

These are the types of fire services provided at UQ:

  • fire safety risk management for UQ sites and ensuring statutory compliance
  • maintaining the Warden Database and University Fire Safety Management Plan (FSMP)
  • provide fire safety training and technical advice to staff
  • ensure that all provisions of the FSMP are undertaken within the set timeframes
  • ensure legislative requirements in relation to fire safety and evacuation exercises are completed with the set time frames
  • supervise UQ Fire Services contracts
  • investigate and report all fire incidents on all UQ sites
  • maintaining and upgrading fire safety services on campus
    • fire detection systems
    • fire audits and inspections
    • extinguisher, hose reel and fire hydrants
    • conducting fire safety and equipment training demonstrations
    • drills for staff and student

Examples of typical fire faults/requests

  • fire detector hanging off the wall
  • fire detector is missing
  • fire extinguisher is missing or damaged
  • fire panel is making a noise
  • fire extinguisher has missed a service (service tag out-of-date)


  What fire training is available or required at UQ?

    2. Additional Fire Safety Training (fire extinguisher, warden and fire safety advisers) for UQ staff and students

    Additional training is given for Fire Safety Training for UQ staff and students:

  • Fire Extinguisher training -  The course objective is to adequately train staff in first response for fires.  It is relevant for wardens (chief, deputy and floor), safety coordinators, OH&S staff, all people working with flammable metals (staff & students), and  P&F trade staff.  If in doubt, please enquire.
  • Warden training -  The course objective is to train staff to become adequately trained first response wardens. It is relevant for  new and existing wardens (every 2 years) and any potential wardens.
  • Fire Safety Adviser training - This course is an accredited Fire Safety Adviser Training Program in compliance to QFRS guidelines.  Relevant for Security staff, safety coordinators, OH&S staff and chief wardens upon request. Please note: the whole course must be completed to receive the Certificate.

    To register for training, please visit the Staff Development website


  Where do I find information about where fire equipment is located?

Fire & Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • The fire fighting equipment is illustrated on the Emergency Evacuation Diagrams in all buildings. These show equipment, evacuation paths and assembly areas.
  • Please ensure that you are conversant with the diagrams when occupying UQ buildings
  • The Emergency Evacuation Plans and Diagrams are also available online - click here to access the database:


  What procedures & forms for fire and emergencies does UQ have?

Fire Safety

The University has the following processes for fie and emergencies. These procedure are monitored by the UQ Emergency Control Organisations.

The University has the following forms for:

    MS Word     PDF Emergency Evacuation Practice form PF264
             PDF After Hours Access & Fire System Isolation Requests PF707
    MS Word     PDF Hot Works Permit PF220
    MS Word     PDF Missed Service for Fire Equipment Report PF609
    MS Word     PDF Warden Checklist form PF635
    MS Word     PDF Warden Database Update form PF634


  UQ Emergency Procedure Cards

   What emergency drills are conducted?

  • A compulsory annual evacuation drill is conducted during normal operating times in each UQ building.
  • This drill is a legislative requirement and must carried out to a compliant standard.


   How do I arrange fire isolations?

   For Emergency Wardens (password protected area)

Information for UQ Emergency Wardens is located on the Archibus website

Need access? - request access to Archibus from the Archibus website.


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