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How do I order furniture?

  • select the item/s from the Furniture Catalogue  or contact the Furniture Section for details of selections and quotes
  • email your request to furniture@pf.uq.edu.au
    • (please note that pricing listed in the catalogue are subject to change)
  • Furniture Section will email you a quote and a RISQ form for authorisation of the order

Please note: All items within Furniture Catalogue can only be ordered by the UQ community - this is not a public store.

Who do I contact for a furniture request or enquiry?

Service Campus Phone Fax Email
Furniture Purchasing St Lucia & Gatton 336 59127 336 59055 furniture@pf.uq.edu.au

What are the types of services performed?

  • procurement of all loose items of furniture (ie. chairs, desks, tables, mobiles, filing cabinets).
  • providing soft furnishings (e.g. blackout curtains and blinds) for offices and centrally-controlled teaching rooms
  • arranging delivery and placement of furniture
  • arranging repairs and replacement of used furniture
  • arranging tenders for various projects
  • arranging suppliers who can assist with internal design and decoration methodologies for various projects.

How do I organise Furniture Disposal and Relocations?

For all furniture disposal and relocation requirements, please contact the University's removal contractor "We Move All". Click here for contact and billing information [PDF - 236KB].

More information:

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