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Paid parking applies at the following University campuses and sites:

  • St Lucia
  • Herston
  • Buranda (PACE)

University parking regulations apply at all other University campuses and sites, including:

  • UQ Gatton
  • Long Pocket
  • Customs House (Brisbane City)
  • Pinjarra Hills
  • Toowoomba (Health Sciences)
  • Indooroopilly Experimental Mine

It is important to note that The University does not accept any responsibility for the (i) loss or damage to any vehicle; or, (ii) loss or damage to any article or thing, in or upon any vehicle or for any injury to any person, howsoever such loss, damage or injury may arise, including by way of negligence by the University.

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Students at St Lucia and Herston may use any of the casual parking options. Please refer to the Casual Parking web page for more information.

Disabled parking areas are indicated on the campus accessibility maps by the internationally recognised disabled logo:   

A government issued disability parking permit must be displayed when parking in these bays.

A maximum of five vehicle registrations may be listed in your permit details. Remember to display the permit in the car you drive on any particular day.

If there are subsequent changes to the list due to purchase or disposal etc, you must notify PF Assist as soon as possible via email. Failure to do so means that you will be parking without a valid permit, and an infringement notice may be issued.

Payroll Deductions

Terminating staff who wish to cease their payroll deduction must return the permit to PF Assist with a written request to that effect prior to the date of cessation. A temporary permit will be issued for the intervening period.

Where a staff member is absent from the University for a continuous period of not less than 90-days, an application for the waiving of parking charges may be made. The permit must be returned to PF Assist with a request, in writing, to that effect.

Pre-paid Annual Permits

Where a staff member's appointment ceases or if a pre-paid permit is no longer required, a refund of the unused balance is available upon written request. The amount is calculated from the date on which the permit is received by PF Assist.

The completed refund form should be returned to PFAssist for procesing. FBS Refund Request Form (Word doc).

All University parking regulations apply on all UQ sites, and infringement notices may be issued to vehicles parked illegally.

On weekends, Public Holidays, and Special University Holidays (such as between Christmas and New Year) parking is free in all casual and permit parking areas. However, it is important to note that all other regulations apply 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

With the exception of some people with severe disabilities, there is no free parking on University sites where paid parking operates.

In the streets surrounding some campuses, various parking schemes are in place - some P, some 2P, and some 4P.  

UQ decal and plated vehicles are authorised in:

  • Service & Maintenance bays
  • 14P (daily) zones (all campuses and sites)
  • Conifer Knoll Car Park (P11), Level 1, Restricted Zone

Executive/Authorised Vehicle Bay Bookings

For access to the Syllabus Plus Web Room module for vehicle bay bookings please complete the application form:

Training video on how to use the Web Room Module:

VIP Visitor and Special Events Parking Requests should be forwarded to parkingrequests@pf.uq.edu.au


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On this site

Speed Limits on Campus

Speed limit 30 km per hour on UQ roads
on UQ roads

Speed limit 10 km per hour in UQ carparks and shared zones (vehicle/pedestrian)
in UQ carparks
& shared zones

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