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Parking at UQThe University's traffic and parking regulations are defined and regulated under The University of Queensland Act (1998), the State Penalties Enforcement Act (1999), and The State Penalties Enforcement Regulation (2014).

Infringement notices may be issued to vehicles found in breach of the regulations.


Speed Sign

Parking Regulations

  • Parking regulations apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Paid parking applies from 7am until 9pm Monday to Friday
  • Paid parking does not apply on weekends, Public Holidays or Special University Holidays 
  • License Plate Recognition Technology is used for parking enforcement
  • Do not park facing approaching traffic (on the wrong side of the road)
  • If an area is not obviously signed to allow parking, then it is not a parking area
  • Do not park on grassed areas
  • Speed limits on campus are enforced by Queensland Police


Blue Zone 14P Daily
  • All casual parking zone signs have both a zone number which is used when calling CellOPark to start a session and a zone colour which is used when paying using the CellOPark app. 
  • Totem poles in each zone have details on registering and paying using CellOPark
  • The number before the P refers to the number of hours that paid parking is allowed in that area.  (14 = 14hrs) Daily or Hourly after the P indicates an hourly charge or a daily charge.
  • Yellow chevrons mean NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME. They are installed for safety reasons such as ramp access and/or emergency exits.
  •  Yellow lines indicate a No Stopping area, usually on the side of the road. IT also indicates that there is no parking beyond the line on the verge or on the grass.


There are several ways to pay for an infringement.

1. Online Payment

On The University of Queensland Infringement Payment Gateway, if you enter both your registration and the infringement number you will have the option to use quick pay. This takes you straight to the payment page.

To view your infringement history, enter your registration number and the state your vehicle was registered in.


Beside each open infringement, you will have the option to view details (including photographs taken at the time the infringement was issued), pay or appeal the infringement.

If you have lodged an appeal, you can view the appeal here also.

If you have paid your infringement the payment option will no longer be available so you cannot pay for the same infringement twice.

When you lodge an appeal online, you will have the opportunity to attach up to three files to support your appeal. You must complete the mandatory fields in the appeal form, otherwise it will not be submitted.

You will know that your appeal has been successfully submitted when you see an Appeal Submission Complete page. This will have the appeal details which you can then print if you wish. Remember you will be able to view your appeal on this page at any time. You will also receive an email advising you that your appeal has been submitted.

2. By Eftpos or Credit Card

  • Eftpos and credit card payments can be made at PF Assist , Building 42 (Prentice), St Lucia Campus.
  • Cash, eftpos and credit card payments can be made at the Gatton Cashier, NW Briton Building, Gatton Campus.

3. By Post

If you send payment by mail, please quote the infringement number and the vehicle registration number. Cheques and Money Orders should be made payable to "The University of Queensland"
and sent to: PF Assist , Building 42 (Prentice), Property & Facilities Division, The University of Queensland 4072, Brisbane Australia.


NB/ University funds cannot be used to pay parking fines.


If you believe that an Infringement Notice has been issued unfairly, or that there are extenuating circumstances, then the University provides an Appeal process overseen by an Infringement Review Team.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, the Infringement Review Team will not accept an appeal from a person other than the driver or registered owner of vehicle at the time of the alleged offence.

To lodge an appeal use any of the following methods:

  1. Submit an appeal online using The University of Queensland Infringement Payment Gateway. If the infringement is within the 28 days you have the choice of making a payment or lodging an appeal. If lodging an appeal all fields must be completed.
  2. Scan the QR Code on the infringement notice to lodge an appeal via The University of Queensland Infringement Payment Gateway.
  3. Complete the PF03 Infringement Form [select PDF or Word version] and send it as an email attachment to: pfassist@pf.uq.edu.au.
  4. Post a print out of the completed PF03 Infringement Form to: The Infringement Review Team, PF Assist , Building 42 (Prentice), Property & Facilities Division, The University of Queensland 4072, Brisbane Australia.

Your appeal should explain clearly but briefly why you believe the notice could be withdrawn. Once a decision regarding the Appeal has been reached, a letter advising the outcome will be sent to the appellant. In the meantime, no further action will be taken.


If an Infringement Notice remains unpaid after twenty-eight days from the date of issue, then the University searches the registration of the offending vehicle in the Queensland Transport vehicle database to find the name and address of the registered owner. A $12 fee for this search is added to the original fine amount.

A Reminder Notice is then forwarded to the owner of the vehicle.

Should the Infringement remain unpaid after a further twenty-eight days, then the matter is referred to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) for collection. The University pays an upfront fee for this service which is then added by the Registry to the total amount outstanding.


If you have been issued with an Infringement Notice you have only 28 days from the date of issue shown on the notice to choose one of the options offered on the reverse of the Notice. If you do not choose an option within 28 days, a prosecution against you may be commenced in a Magistrates Court. You will be responsible for obtaining your own legal advice before the court hearing. If found guilty of the offence, you may be fined and required to pay additional costs. If you do not appear on the date set for the hearing, the offence may be heard in your absence.

Alternatively, the Infringement Notice may be enforced by the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER). If this occurs you will be required to pay additional fees and SPER may take any of the following actions:

  • suspend your driver's licence, or your ability to obtain a driver's licence;
  • give a Fine Collection Notice to your bank ordering the transfer of money from your bank account;
  • give a Fine Collection Notice to your employer ordering the deduction of money from your wages;
  • give an Enforcement Warrant to an Enforcement Officer to seize and sell your property;
  • give an Arrest and Imprisonment Warrant to a Police Officer.

If you wish to obtain any further information regarding the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) you can visit the SPER web site at www.sper.qld.gov.au or contact the SPER Call Centre on 1300 365 635.

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