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The P&F Gatton Printery provides printing services for all UQ campuses. Utilising the latest digital technology we cater for smaller print runs with lower cost and shorter lead times. Re-prints can be produced at the same economical costs eliminating the expensive setup costs of traditional offset printing.

We offer free delivery - the next day if job specifications permit, with the internal courier service that runs between campuses.

Get expert advice and assistance with:

  • Large format printing Posters and Pull-up banners,
  • Mail merge file and letter printing and mail outs
  • Compliance with UQ branding protocols

Prices are very competitive and there is no need for a purchase order as all charges can be managed through an internal service charge.

UQ Stationery

All UQ stationery needs are available through a simple convenient ordering process. All your business cards, letterhead and With Compliments slips can be ordered by filling in the templates below, and emailing them to gattonprintery@pf.uq.edu.au. The stationery will be typeset, with all Branding and UQ Protocols met, and a proof will be sent back to you for your approval.

UQ Stationery Templates:

How do I order from the P&F Gatton Printery?

To order from the P&F Gatton Printery:

  1. Email : gattonprintery@pf.uq.edu.au
  2. Attach your file in PDF format
    • For UQ stationery - attach the completed UQ stationery (templates listed above)
  3. Attach a completed ‘Request for Internal Services Quote’ (RISQ) form.
  4. Attach a completed Gatton Printing Form if required/possible

How to contact the P&F Gatton Printery for a quote or query:

What types of services are available?

  • Click on the links below to see examples of the services available:
Colour and black & white Laser Printing
Printing of Brochures and booklets
Printing of UQ Stationery (letterheads, business cards, with compliment slips)
Printing of Study Materials, Reports & Surveys
Banner and Pull up Poster Printing
CD Label Printing and CD Burning
Various Binding Methods
Laminating of Posters
Scanning of Photos and Slides
Letter Folding and Inserting Service
Printing of Books


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NEW IN 2016

P&F Gatton Printery will be
launching a comprehensive
online ordering system early
in 2016 allowing clients to
up load their jobs giving them
a visual view to how their
job will look along with a
job number that will enable
them to track the progress
of their printing.


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