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Please complete the Retail Outlets Survey

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1.   Do you want us to contact you about your feedback?
2.   Are you a student or staff?
3.   Which retail outlet did you visit?
4.   What date did you visit this outlet?

5.   How often do you visit this outlet?
6.   Thinking about your recent visit can you please tell us about your experience
       and your level of satisfaction with the level of service you received.
How do you rate the following?

Well Above Expectation Above Expectation Satisfactory Below Expectation Well Below Expectation N/A
The variety of what is offered in the outlet?
The quality of what is offered by the outlet?
The temperature of the food or beverage?
The presentation and appeal of the food or beverage?
The friendliness and knowledge of staff at the outlet?
The amount of time you spent in the queue?
The variety of payment options and ease of transaction?
Do you feel you received value for money?
The aesthetic appeal, presentation and cleanliness of the outlet?
Overall how do you rate the experience you had at the outlet?
7.   Are you likely to visit this outlet again?
8.   Would you recommend the outlet to a classmate or colleague?
9.   Are the hours of operation at the outlet convenient for you?
10.  Can you think of anything else that you would like to tell us regarding food,
     beverage and retail in general at UQ


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