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How do I make a grounds request or to report a grounds problem?

What are the typical grounds requests that are logged?

  • trees to be trimmed from gutters
  • broken branches
  • cracked roads
  • cracked paths

What type of grounds services are performed?

Grounds Section is responsible for the maintenance of the grounds and playing fields and other University properties. Services include:
  • lawn, lake and garden maintenance (planting, pruning, weeding, mowing, external pest control, edging, fertilising, irrigation, tree maintenance, litter & debris clean up);
  • designing and constructing small landscapes for construction projects;
  • road, footpath and carpark maintenance
  • road sweeping, path, pavement and surface drains cleaning;

What type of playing fields services are performed?

  • playing field maintenance (mowing, surface renovation (eg. scarifying, aerating, top dressing), spraying & fertilising);
  • line-marking and repairs to sporting facilities (eg. softball mounds, hockey nets, perimeter fences, cricket sight screens, cricket wicket preparation and maintenance).

How do I book an oval?


Sustainability Project Grounds & Buildings -

  • Information on Sustainability grounds projects available here