Emergencies P&F Assist Help Desk  

How do I make a signage request or order?

Order your Signage through your ARCHIBUS Nominated user: ARCHIBUS Service FM
OR contact PF Assist - Phone: 336 52222
Email:   pfassist@pf.uq.edu.au
Fax: 336 51900
Location:    PF Assist Reception, Prentice Building (42), St Lucia campus


How do I order door signs?

  • Place your order via the PF Assist office as above.
  • When approved a requisition will be generated for financial delegate of supplied account information to approve.
  • Ordering is scheduled in batches toward the end of each month with delivery at the beginning of the following month.
  • Orders are forwarded via internal mail upon receipt.
  • If the current inserts are difficult to remove, please notify PF Assist and they will organise a trades staff to assist.

How much do door signs cost?

  • Part A: Standard name section $18 each
  • Part B: Standard number section $5.50 each
  • Part C: Holder strip with adhesive $8.00 each

What others types of signage are available?

Select for examples:

Door Signs

door sign    door sign


Internal directory

internal directory


External signage

external sign


Toilet signage

toilet sign


Braille / Tactile

braille sign