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The Sustainability Office, manages the University's Environmental Management System and promotes best environmental practice at UQ. The section provides a range of support and advisory services to the University community.      

 More information More information can be found on the UQ Sustainability website.

Key activities include:

Environmental Management Systems Development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for all campuses and sites on a risk management basis

Energy management Energy management reports, energy audits

and monitoring of electricity consumption of campus and individual buildings

Water management Development of Water Efficiency Management Plans and monitoring and reporting on water consumption for UQ campuses and sites:

Campus Water Consumption:

Recycling and Waste Management Recycling and Waste Management. View waste audit graphs:
Training and awareness programs Environmental Training and Awareness activities for UQ staff including the Green Office Program

Environmental legal management
  • Identification of environmental regulatory requirements and university
    operations requiring controls.
  • Application for legal permits, approvals and other legal requirements.
  • Management of licences, permits, approvals, legal requirements and breaches
  • Reviews/audits of approval/permit conditions
Auditing Program Audits are scheduled and include: energy, water quality, solid waste, sewage treatment, Pinjarra Hills incinerator and fumehood audits
Management of environmental issues on UQ campuses and sites As a result of the annual review of the University's Environmental Aspects, as well as identification of issues and/or feedback that might arise on a day to day basis, environmental issues may be managed as follows:

  • Liaison with relevant stakeholders to resolve and/or manage the impact
  • Development of plans, procedures, guides and reports
Environmental consultancy Perform environmental consultancy services for the University including: project management, PREM design, technical advice and reports, policy development, environmental audits and feasibility studies


More information:

Section Contact Information

UQ Sustainability Website

UQ Policies & Procedures for Sustainability and Environmental Management (UQ PPL)

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