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What are the current recycling strategies at UQ?

Current recycling strategies include:

  • paper (general paper and confidential documents)
  • cardboard, soft plastic and polystyrene
  • e-waste (computers and other electronic equipment)
  • fluorescent tubes and other lamps
  • toner and ink jet printer cartridges
  • mobile phones,  
  • co-mingled (glass, aluminium cans and plastic).

How do I organise my items to be recycled?

To request recycling boxes and bins, as well as collection of E-waste and other items:

Log your service request through your ARCHIBUS Nominated user: ARCHIBUS Service FM


Need to know more about recycling at UQ?

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What are the waste streams at UQ?

  • Office Waste: general daily waste, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, e-waste, cartridges, co-mingled, mobile phones.
  • Laboratory Waste: Animal, Biological, Chemical, Clinical, Cytotoxic Drugs and Radioactive Wastes
  • Construction Waste: maintenance, construction, refurbishment wastes including office clean-outs and large items (e.g. refrigerators and televisions)
    • Please Note: Construction waste must not be placed in general waste bins. Please contact the project supervisor for correct disposal procedure
  • More information on Waste Management at UQ is available here.

How do I dispose of waste?

  • Bins for general and co-mingled waste (glass, aluminium cans and plastic) are provided in public spaces and tea rooms for general use.
  • Paper waste collected in under-desk boxes should be emptied into the grey paper recycling wheelie bins which are conveniently located in buildings, e.g. photocopier rooms.
  • Cardboard - flatten cardboard and place in large cardboard bins that are located in convenient locations outside of buildings.

How do I order more bins?

To order more bins - please log an Archibus request.

How do I get assistance with office clean-outs?

Log your service request through your ARCHIBUS Nominated user: ARCHIBUS Service FM


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